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Your first time visit to Gecko House

Conveniently located in the heart of Brisbane, Gecko House has plenty of parking on-site and off-street. The people we help often have no idea what it is like to see a psychologist for the first time. People often imagine that discussing issues such as depression, anxiety, OCD and relationship issues can be stressful. For many clients there is some discomfort about discussing these personal issues. People will often say “I have never seen a psychologist before – what do I do?”

It can be a little uncomfortable to sit with a stranger and tell your problems to them. Most people realise that the conversation is confidential, but might expect to actually tell the psychologist more personal details than even a very good friend knows. There can also be a fear that if this person hears about all the silly and bad thoughts and behaviours you have done they might not think so highly of you.

Worse yet you have to pay for this potentially embarrassing experience – even if you do get some money back from Medicare or your health insurer. For the person seeing a psychologist for the first time it can seem all a bit too much and tempting to abandon the first appointment.

The reality is that most people leave the first session feeling relieved. The psychologist did not gasp in shock when they told them about that quirky thought they often have. The psychologist probably didn’t even bat an eyelid when the relationship argument ramped up during the session. The first session often ends with clients having a sense that things are out in the open a bit more and the next step is a little clearer.

For couples the session often has a sense of being contained: both parties can talk in ways that they rarely can do when they are by themselves. There is something special about this opportunity that really helps couples to break out of the stuckness. Individuals who get help with a range of issues like anxiety, depression and OCD may experience the therapist like a coach guiding them gently to the next step. It is often a slow pace, but after a number of sessions many clients start to see their life changing in ways they previously thought were not realistic. Getting back to living life without the anxiety, depression or OCD can bring huge joy.

To book a session with a suitable therapist review the list of therapists and their specialisations (anxiety, depression, OCD, relationship counselling, children).  If you are in doubt just phone (07) 3411 5445 for further assistance.